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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the easiest way to contact you?

Simply give us a call at (214) 912-7326, or email us at theontimetechguy@gmail.com Calling is usually the fastest, and if we are unavailable at the time you call please leave us a voice message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Where do I bring my computer?

We Come to you, there is no need to lug your computer across town. We bring all of the necessary tools and equipment for any job, and if extra parts are required we can get them the same day. We also offer drop-off and pickup services at our location for customers that are always on the go.

The On Time Tech Guy
1506 Shonka Dr.
Carrollton, TX 75007

What are your prices / rates?

We keep our prices the most competitive in the business, we charge an hourly rate of only $75. For customers that elect for on-site service there is an additional $40 trip charge; this covers fuel costs, travel time, service tolls, and also covers you should we have to bring your computer to our facility for repiar. Should you find a better price anywhere, we will either match it or beat it.

What additional services do you provide?

Our additional services are small tweaks and fixes to your computer that can help make it run better as well as prolonging its life.
These Services Include:
  • OS Updates - Keeping your computer current with the latest updates is crucial to staying safe and secure while online. We install the latest updates for Windows, Microsoft, Flash Player . . . and many more, ensuring that your computing experience will be worry free.
  • Junk File Clean Up - Over time large amounts of junk files can accumulate on your hard drive and slow it down tremendously. These files include: temporary internet files, recycle bin files, error log files and much much more. Our tools remove these files freeing up hard drive space and speeding up your computer.
  • Antivirus Installation - Nearly 1 in every 3 computers is using either an expired anti-virus program or none at all. This is a not only a problem but also a security risk which can expose your personal data to Identity thieves, hackers, and scammers. We install FREE complimentary antivirus software on your computer at no extra charge.
  • Defragmentation - When files are deleted or moved around they leave behind fragments, these fragments over time accumulate and slow your hard drive down effectively slowing the performance of your computer down. Our tools help clean up and remove these fragments giving your computer more useable hard drive space and optimizing your hard drive for maximum performance.
These are just a few of the services we perform as a courtesy to you at no extra charge to make sure that when we have finished with your computer it is not only repaired but in better condition than the day you bought it.

What are your hours?

We are open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 9pm and closed on Sunday. These hours apply only to our physical location, our phones are on 24/7 so if you have an issue that can not wait, please don't hesitate and call us immediately.

Does my service come With a warranty?

Absolutely, all service(s) we perform are covered under a 30 day parts and labor guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your service, neither are we and we will not stop until we have met your needs.

What do I do if my computer has a virus?

Nothing, virus programmers have become very cunning and designed them so that the more you click and try to remove them, the worse things get. Popular viruses refered to as "Fake Aerts" force you to pay the programmer to remove their own virus, These viruses should be removed only by a skilled technician. In Some Cases improper removal of these viruses could comprimise your entire computer and cause a loss of your personal data.

My Computer "Crashed", is my data lost for good?

Not Necessarily, in most cases a computer crash is caused do to a software malfunction. This has no effect on your data, in most cases your data is still there your computer has just lost a way to read it. Depending on which component of the computer is at fault there is a good chance we can recover your data.